There are 46 nursing and medical schools with around 120,000 nursing-major students at different levels, 36% of whom are from institution of higher education in Shandong province. This not only provides health care industry with a lot of excellent nursing personnel but also promotes the development of nurse dispatching business.





SINTC takes the lead in training nurses with medical schools and general hospitals. The training includes nurses for internship and new graduates etc.




SINTC cooperates with medical colleges in setting up training class for those nurses who are interested in overseas employment, offer targeted courses and strengthen English training. At the same time, the training centre provides financial support and makes internship arrangement, forming a characteristic training mode that involves a trinity of medical colleges, nurse training centre and practice training bases.




   We cooperate with hospitals in fresh graduates training. Every year the medical colleges recommend outstanding fresh graduates to receive training in our training centre and the graduates who meet the requirements will be arranged for overseas employment in due time.