SINTC is located in Shandong province China, where there are over 40 medical colleges accommodating 120,000 nursing students at all levels, with 36% studying at the higher education level who provide us with a large pool of high quality nurses for international placement.


SINTC works with a great number of medical colleges in Shandong province to offer training to nursing students in accordance with international nursing standards which include establishing international nursing classes, providing tailored English language classes, arranging internships with reputable hospitals upon graduation. Besides, SINTC also runs full-time training programs for in-service nurses providing specialized training based on different requirements from each country.


SINTC has cooperative agreements with the top four general hospitals in Weihai who provide the best opportunities, experiences and learning environment for the nurses’ internships. What’s more, the center also established a learning centre with tailored English language classes and nursing lab to improve nurses’ English proficiency and nursing skills.



           Signing Cooperation Agreement with Shandong Weifang Health School



             Signing Cooperation Agreement with Shandong Rizhao Health School



                   Binzhou Medical College's Teachers & Students visit SINTC



             International Nurse Program Lecturers in Shandong Medical College